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Taliyah | any pronouns | 🌸

Hey there! I'm Sharpy and I'm an aspiring freelance artist and animator who enjoys drawing and creating characters and cartoons. I add sparkles to everything for no reason.

I specialize in character art/ animation, sparkles, and other overall weird stuff!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my art!

(my opinions are my own)


Nori and Zin

Nori and Zin is an animated series, currently in development by Taliyah Denton about the misadventures of two interspecies best friends living in a magical and bizarre world.


Major Characters

Nori Krusetkey

Nori Krusetkey

Zin Marsh

Luke Ex: #2857

Devlyn Ashby

Petra Furi


Other Characters

Some other characters I have. ♥


Ann Tena

Terriot Knet

Leo Prim

About Nori and Zin

The series stars two best friends/roommates/co-workers/etc. named Nori and Zin, living out their day to day lives in the magical (and sometimes dangerous) world of “Haven”, where humans and monsters co-exist.

Nori Krusetkey is an intelligent, well-meaning, and fluffy anthropomorphic monster known as a Planteroar. Zin Marsh is 100% overly confident, bold, and cheeky for a human dude. He isn't afraid to speak his mind no matter the situation, always gung-ho with his free-spirited approach to life. They reside in the jungle town of Keeperway alongside Phor, their pet Loreki, and Luke EXP:#2857, a kind-hearted, teenage human/kaiju chimera.

In order to pay the occasional rent, they work at a temp job agency called “Askalasis” run by their boss Shiba-Inu monster Ron Lucar, who gives them weird, bizarre, and sometimes life-threatening assignments. They work alongside two other co-workers every now and then: Devlyn Ashby, a human who be short-tempered, sarcastic, (is constantly irritated by Zin), and his easily entertained and excitable dragon friend Petra Furi.

Watch Nori and Zin as they combat gang members, watch weird TV shows, warp to alternate dimensions, throw up, blow up, get mildly inconvenienced, and try to survive temp work, all while earning a juicy paycheck on the side!

Thank you for taking to time to read!

If you're interested in supporting my crazy little idea, consider supporting the project via Patreon or Ko-fi. All proceeds go into the development of the series and future projects!